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Michael Jerrick (34) and Cullen Schafter (7) Circa June 2015


Team photo before the conference championship Circa July 2017


Jesse Rico (10) Mike Jerrick (55) Paul Vasquez (52)
before the US Bank Stadium game Oct 2019


Paul Vasquez, Mike Jerrick, and Jesse Rico
at Signing day Circa Sept 2021


Team photo after a 16-6 victory over the Ravens Circa July 2022

Record History

2015 - (3-5) Conference Championship appearance
2016 - (6-5) Conference Championship appearance
2017 - (8-2) League Championship appearance
2018 - (5-4) Divisional Game appearance
2019 - (6-4) Conference Championship appearance
2022 - (4-6) Conceded playoffs - No appearance
2023 - (3-7) No playoff appearance
Overall Record (35-33) 

Who we are.

We started back in 2015 with just 17 guys and a whole lotta heart. The Founders of the team are Michael Jerrick, Dyne Muller and Cullen Schafter.  We played our first season at Brillion High School/Middle School thanks to a former player (Jordan Endries) and the most plain White jerseys with Burgundy numbers and Navy pants. We didn't do very well but we formed a bond and had a lot of fun. We didn't win a lot of games but it laid the foundation for what we would become. At the end of the season Dyne would resign as an owner and hang up the cleats to start a family. Mike Webb would come aboard as part owner. 

  After that season we moved and from 2016-2018 we played at Oshkosh Lourdes. At the end of the 2016 Season, Cullen Schafter would would resign as owner and he would only be a player part time moving forward. In the semi pro world, its very hard to find a field to use due to other teams not being able to fulfill financial obligations therefore the facilities not being rentable due to bills not being paid. We thank Lourdes for allowing us to call them home for 3 seasons . We have a great relationship with them to this very day.  We tried very hard to get some of the community behind us while playing there but again with former semi-pro teams from the area giving "Semi-Pro" a bad name it was very hard. Oshkosh is also very large and that also gave us a bit of an issue.  In 2019 we were able to move to Omro and played games at the high school. They had a nice community and the people there were very friendly.  At the end of the 2019 season also marked a pretty cool experience and that was being invited to play at US bank stadium in Minnesota. Its pretty cool being able to play in an NFL stadium. 

As practices began for the 2020 season the emergence of COVID-19 began. That coupled with other issues the team was facing, the decision was made to cease operations for the foreseeable future. The league itself still carried on later in the year but we thought it was best and take the year off. We ceased operations on January 31st 2020. 

After almost a year and a half off, on May 29th, 2021, on the same weekend 6 years prior that we had our very first game as an organization, we announced that will be returning for the 2022 season. Mike Webb was no longer affiliated with the team and new owners were brought aboard. Jesse Rico and Paul Vasquez, long time friends of Jerrick's and former teammates from peewee football through high school.  However, before Paul could see this team take shape, he tragically passed away on Dec 20th 2021 with complications from Covid-19. 

The 2022 Season was a great reboot. New look uniforms, new coaches and new home in Winneconne.  Although the team didn't make the playoffs, we had alot of brand new players that came together and bonded and became a family. They played for each other. There were no "bad apples" or egos or any of that nonsense. Just a bunch of guys that were playing the game they love and trying they're best. It was on of if not the best season this team has ever had in terms of having fun and bonding and coming together and being a team.  

As we look ahead to 2023 we look to add to what we built after our layoff for two seasons. We have a lot of brand new talent and are very excited for what's in front of us. We had the most successful signing day this team has ever had to date in Oct 2022 with 28 signing at the event. It takes time to build a team that will have sustained success and we were doing that day by day. At the end of the 2023 season we were invited back to play at US Bank stadium but this time we would come home with the win. 

We are in our eighth year as an organization and compete in the NLFL (Northern Lights Football League). We are a non-profit organization. If you would like to join us or would like info about joining us please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to have you join our new growing family on our quest to win a championship. Our family members are very goal oriented and supportive of one another. There are no attitudes or egos towards anyone. The only attitude everyone has is the common one. The only one that matters. The winning attitude.



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