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Interested in playing? Come out to practice

Thats right. It's that simple. If your interested in playing then all you need to do is show up to a practice or make it to Signing Day and sign on to play. Signing Day is the only day of the year where you can sign up for the discounted player fee of just $100 instead of $150 when paid in full! Below is some basic information about us and some of the most common questions about playing. 

Some Info about us. We are an adult amateur football team from ages 17 and up. Semi pro ball is for guys that love the game and want to continue to play it. Its for all ages. Players after high school or college that want to continue playing the game they love or even later on in life if they want to pick up playing the game again. Guys have used semi pro to sharpen theyre skills and go back to college and play, they have also used it as a catapult to go play indoor arena ball or go play pro ball overseas. Its also a great way for former teammates and friends to play together again. 

We practice indoors in Green Bay starting in December and practice every other Saturday until mother nature allows us to go outside (usually March). Preseason begins in the beginning of April and the regular season begins in the last weekend in April or first weekend in May. It is rare we have do any practices during the week. We play an 8-10 game regular season. We have bye weeks for Memorial Day and 4th of July weekend as well as a built in Bye week somewhere else during the season. 

We do not deal with egos or bad attitudes here. No selfish players or ME players. It takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Guys like that wont last here and will be sent home. We have family atmosphere here. Its a culture. We don't play favorites here. We do things fair. Everyone competes for a starting position and playing time. Just because a player starts the year before doesn't mean he is a starter the following season. Players take time and spend money to play and its the coaches job to put everyone in the best possible position to succeed.  Everyone starts at the bottom. We build this team, this family, from the ground up.  

1. I’m paying a player fee to play? What’s that for?

The player fee covers the mandatory league minimum fee per player. The rest of your fee goes to uniform costs. Our team player fee is $150.00 unless a player pays at signing day for the discount. If you attend 90% of the games then you will get your player fee refunded at the end of the season. We do fundraising so players can play for free as long as they are active and attending games. 

2. I work second shift. Can I still come play?

Yes. If you are a second shift worker you’re not different then many of the other people on the team. We just ask that you show up for offseason workouts and practices which are normally held on weekends not during the week. We try to do these as early as possible. Our offseason practices are held at the Purdy Performance center in Green bay every other Saturday. 

3. I want to play but I don’t have pads.

This is common. Many players on the team have extra pads you can borrow or buy. We also have some shoulder pads you can buy or rent. You can always find some on craigslist, Facebook marketplace, sideline swap, Offer Up. Just be proactive and look. This is plenty of equipment out there. 

4. If I get hurt playing does the team cover any medical expenses?

No. You play freely, and any injuries sustained that would result in expenses would be yours to cover. The team does not offer any sort of medical Insurance.

5.  I want to play, can pay the player fee but can’t make practices. Can I still play somehow?

Of course. Show up to the games early, work out and we will try and get you in. No guarantees though. 

6. What colors are the helmets?

Navy Blue (Michigan or Chicago Bears) with white facemasks.

7. What color jerseys and socks should I wear on game day.

Home games are Blue Jerseys/White socks and away games are White jerseys/Blue socks.

8. Can I be cut?

Yes. If you are cut with the reason being a “coaches decision” then half your player fee will be refunded. Getting cut for that reason has never happened. If you are however released due to disciplinary reason, then your fee will not be refunded. This has happened in the past. 

9. Where and When are the games played?

We play 10 games during the regular season. 5 Home and 5 away. We play our home games in Winneconne, Wi at the high school and we play our travel games mainly in Manitowac, Green Bay.  Those are our divisional games (4). The cross over game in a different division so that location will vary. 

10. How old do i have to be to play?
Minimum age is 17 with parental consent. 

11. I'm paying this money, am i guaranteed playing time?
No one that signs up is guaranteed playing time. The job as coaches is to put players in the best position to succeed and help the team win. Playing time is earned. 


If you have any questions or want to talk to one of the owners/coaches directly please visit the contact us page or message us directly on facebook. We
look forward to hearing from you! 

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