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2022-23 Team Staff

Michael Jerrick

Owner - Head Coach - Offensive Coordinator


"This team, this organization is an integral part of who I am. When it comes to improving this team and doing whats best for it, I don't have an off or a stop switch. I broke it a long time ago. "

Jonathan "JT" O'Connell

Linebackers Coach


“My grandpa once told me to be happy with what I’m doing in life. I’m glad to say that with the Raiders I’m happy to be here.”

Matt Hill

Offesnive Line Coach/Running Game Coordinator


The Raiders organization is CLASS! Take away the wins and losses, and we are truly a Football Family! This precedent is set on DAY 1! We practice hard together, compete to together and do off season events together! After 30+ yrs of coaching, I am really honored to be part of this organization and what it stands for. Being the old man in this organization, I feel like that father figure to a lot of these guys and I 100% accept that responsibility

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