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Practice and events Schedule

Date                                 Location                   Number of players 

December 9th                  Green Bay               44 attended 

January 6th                      Oshkosh                  48 attended

January 20th                    Green Bay               44 attended

February  3rd                   Green Bay               36 attended

February 10th                  Oshkosh                  44 attended

February 17th                  Green Bay               38 attended

March 2nd                       Winneconne             37 attended

March 10th (SUN)           Oshkosh                   31 attended

March 16th                      Green Bay                42 attended

March 30th                      Oshkosh                   50 attended 

April 6th                   @ Chicago Falcons          49 Dressed - 51 attended         W 30-16


April 13th                 @ Central WI Bandits           7:00 P.M 

The first 2
 practices will have a $20 dollar practice fee. If you cant pay the fee then you will not practice. We don't do any I.O.U's here.  The location for the Green Bay Practices is at the Purdy Performance Center located at 807 Parkview rd. in Ashwaubenon. The location for the Oshkosh Practices is at the Rec Plex at UWO located at 140 Osceola St, in Oshkosh. Pads will be required for every practice starting January 6th. You will need a helmet, shoulder pads, Wrist Coach and leg/thigh pads. Your safety is a priority and we want you as padded up as possible. Please arrive no later than 20 minutes prior to the start of practice so you can be dressed and ready to take the field at the start. We cannot waste time.  If you have any questions then call me or message me. 


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