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Offense 101

I feel like I have created an offense that is versatile and easy to learn. 5 formations. 8 positions. To run this offense, you are expected to have basic knowledge and understanding of routes and the positions. When a pass play is called it will come in for example as “Green 1”. The color is the formation, and the number is the play on the play card. A run play will be called in as “Green Z Motion Fake Jet 24 Dive east”. To break that down, Green is the formation, Z motion means the Z wide receiver will go in motion doing a Jet, Fake is for the QB. 24 is the 2 back going through the 4 hole (B gap right side) and East is for the line blocking. I’m not asking you to memorize the entire playbook. What you should know like the back of your hand is the formations and who everyone is on them and where they line up. 

This was a problem last season. I will not tolerate guys not knowing what they are doing. I put a lot of work into this and I’m asking you to put just a little. In my opinion, if we get to practice and you don’t know where to line up or don’t have the spacing correct or what the positions are, then to me you don’t care. This will not be the weak part of the team this year.  You should be able to know where everyone lines up as someone can move around and play multiple positions. 

2 – Running back
3 – Running back/Full back 
B – Tight end next to the tackle on the left side of the line
U – Tight end next to the Tackle on the right side of the line
X – Far outside Wide receiver on the left side
Z – Far outside Wide receiver on the Right side 
Y – Slot wide receiver on the left side
H – Slot wide receiver mainly on the right side 

The holes are as follows. As I said many of you can line up in the backfield for different looks so your expected to know what the holes are. 


If a play is called and it has an "Orbit" involved, that is where the motion man heads in one direction and then at a certain point he turns around and heads back to where he came. Orbits are mostly called on run plays but can be added to a pass play. If this happens it would be something like "Green 1 Z Orbit" This means on Green 1 which is still a pass play, the Z wide receiver goes in an orbit motion and then returns back and runs his pass route. During orbits on pass plays, timing is key. 

Formations and cards


Below you will find the various formations. Remember, spacing is extremely important. The photos are an accurate.
representation of how I want everyone to be. 



Red Split backs H Flex - Split back field with 2 Rb's. Rbs spacing should between the guard and tackle. this will help with counters and fakes. H should not be right next to the tackle but about 5 feet from him. Imagine someone between the take and H and thats the correct spacing. 

Blue Double Tightend - Self explanatory. Both tight ends are on the line next to the tackles.

Orange Trips - 3 Wrs to the left side with Y being the tip. Clusters create chaos for defenses. The three receivers shouldnt be right on top of each other but close enough to force picks for the dbs and make them chose. 

Black Spread - Self explanatory. Slot wide receivers should split the distance between the outside wide receiver and the tackle. Slots are off the line. 

Green Pro - Pro style formation. Y and Z off the line for motions. One tightend for extra blocking.


Every player that has a wristband will be given cards. Without a wristband you will not receive cards and you wont be out on the field. The cards have the routes for every postion for every play on them 

Red 1.png

Front of card

Back of card

Second Card

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