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Offense March 2024

In an effort to make the offense run smoother, give endless possibilities and flow together I (with some help) have decided to change things up a little bit. Beginning Saturday, March 2nd we will be calling the offense differently. Your current cards will be taken away and you will be given a new one with a route tree on it and 3 primary formations. The route tree will have a number corresponding to that route and then the yardage attached to it. Within these primary formations, on certain plays you'll have special routes with special rules and they will say on the back of the card kind of like hints. You'll need to know them so when you hear the QB say them youll flip the card and see how you run that specific route. If you dont know the formations and where everyone lines up then your gonna be lost and you wont know whats going on then you wont be out there. We are past the point of no knowing where and how.  You'll see later on in this page. 

In 2019 the cards used to say something like (X7)5 meaning the X WR had a 7 route (look at the route tree and see what 7 was) at 5 yards. This is kind of going back to that. 

Run plays

Run plays will still be the same. Instead of calling 24 east or 35 west. It will now be known as Izzy and Ozzy.
For example. Black 24 East would now be known as Black Izzy East. Any runs between the tackles will be known as Izzy where outside runs are Ozzy. The running back will flow and find the hole in the middle. 

Pass Plays

Pass plays will be different. This is where the real changes occur. The QB will get the call from the headset. He will then relay it. For example, a pass play will now be known as Black 5432 or Black 54329.

Ex 1. Black 5432. There are 4 numbers. There are 4 WR positions. From Left to right. Based on where you are in Black (X , Y , H , Z) you'll look at the number and see the route your running. So H would be the 3rd number in the call and in the example above its the number 3 and look down at the card and find what route number 3 is and run that route at the designated yards that it says 

Ex 2. Where there are 5 WR options on a play. The RB is the 5th and would be the 5th number. In 54329 the last digit is speaking to the RB. He would have a 9 which in this example is a Go. He cant go from the backfield so in his language its a Seam route. For a WR a 9 would be a Go or Fly ect. The RB Routes wont always be the same as the WRs. 

By calling plays this way, You can have an infinite number of plays and audibles. 

Audibles/Dummy Calls

If a run play is called and the box is loaded and the QB doesnt like the look. He can change the play to a pass play or should I not like it I would call in and tell the QB. Here is how the play is changed. 

Play called in - Black H Motion Izzy east. 

QB gets to the line of scrimmage and see the box is stacked. Raider or Fox is called. If either of those are called that lets you know the play is being changed. Raider 5432. The formation is the same however now the numbers tell the line and the WRS is now a pass and they need to look at their card if they dont know the routes and depth and see what there running. If any other name is called then numbers, its a dummy call. 

Play called in - Black 3425

QB gets to the line and sees that the middle is wide open. He calls Raider or Fox to let everyone know the play is changing. QB will call Blue meaning its going East or White meaning its going West 

Change the WR Route 

If a play is called and its a pass play. Depending on the defense whether pressed or backed off, the QB can change the route of an individual route. He can do this by speaking to that individual WR with the first number of the call I.E (X-1, Y-2). If the play is Black 5632, the QB gets to the line can calls Wolf (that alerts the WRs of a route change) and then the first number is the WR and the second is the route. Wolf 25. Y WR 5 route. 

Route Tree

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to run the routes at the designated depths unless stated otherwise in the playcall.

0 - Ang Slant
1 - Flat/Swing (RB) (1-3 yards)   
2 - Slant (1-3 yards)
3 - Comeback (12-15 yards)
4 - Curl (4-6 yards)
5 - Out (6-8 yards)
6 - In (6-8 yards)
7 - Corner (10-12 yards)
8 - Post (10-12 yards)
9 - Go/Seam

There are always exceptions to the rule and there can always be something specific called in the headset IE veers or levels concepts. For now this is the base and we will get this down. 


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