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Damion Holtz



Height: 5'7                                     Weight: 150

Experience:  R                             Age: 22 

School: New Lisbon


About Me

I love all things football, from watching, playing, and coaching. I played Wide Receiver and Safety in high school, and I’m hoping to get back into it after a few years off. I cheer for the New York Giants in the NFL, and coach a youth team of my own. We have been to 4 different championships (2 football, one basketball, one soccer) in three different sports and at two different grade levels. I’m currently in the process of transferring to UW-La Crosse to get a bachelors degree in their Exercise and Sports Science program to fulfill my hopes of coaching at the high school level.

Why play for the Raiders?
I play for the Fox River Raiders because back in 2019 was when I was first introduced into semi-pro football, I was gonna play for another team. Well they ended their season before the actual season started so I didn’t have a team to play for. Then I heard about the Fox River Raiders and they actually let me sign up at the last minute. The Fox River Raiders isn't a team we're all FAMILY and that means way more. We all love the game the same way. When the raiders announced they were coming back for the 2022 season and I got a message asking to play again. It was like a dream come true.

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